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Workers’ Compensation attorney

The workers’ compensation process is made purposefully complicated by many employers and insurance companies in order to try to keep injured workers from getting the benefits they are entitled to following their workplace injury.

Thankfully, workers’ compensation lawyer Lee Viacava has the experience you need to even the playing field.


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What are workers’ compensation benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits consist of two components: Medical benefits and indemnity benefits. Medical benefits means that the workers’ compensation insurance company has a responsibility to pay for 100% of your medical bills until a doctor places you at maximum medical improvement and assigns you an impairment rating (you do not get to choose your doctor, they will be chosen by the workers’ compensation insurance company). Indemnity benefits consist of lost wages the workers’ compensation insurance company is obligated to send you if your workers’ compensation doctor places you off duty or places you on light duty with restrictions that your employer is not able to honor.


Can I receive settlement money from my workers’ compensation case?

Yes. At any point you can propose a settlement with the workers’ compensation insurance company whereby you would give up your medical benefits and indemnity benefits in exchange for a sum of money negotiated with the insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of injured persons by offering them a fraction of the value of their claim in exchange for a signed release that permanently bars them from seeking any further settlement money in the future. That is one of many reasons it is so important to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney when you have been injured in an accident.

Do I have to pay you to hire you?

The short answer is no, you don’t. The Lee Viacava Law Firm accepts cases with clients under a contingency fee agreement. This means you don’t pay us anything – rather we receive a portion of the settlement money when the case is settled. If your case doesn’t settle you never pay us anything. Call the Lee Viacava Law Firm at (239) 672-8934 for a free consultation to discuss your case.



Workers’ Compensation – understand what you are entitled to.

medical benefits

Workers’ compensation in Florida will often cover the medical care to treat a work-related illness or injury when treatment is authorized by the insurer. You are also entitled to travel costs to and from doctor’s appointments as well as related prescriptions. If you are unable to drive, Mr. Viacava can fight to have the insurance company pay to drive you to and from these appointments.

Indemnity Benefits

If you get hurt on the job, you may be entitled to indemnity benefits for temporary, total and temporary partial disability. The first requirement for receiving indemnity benefits for a workplace injury is being placed on work restrictions by the authorized treating physician.

Monetary Settlement

Workers’ comp cases are settled one of two ways – a structured settlement or a lump-sum. With the lump-sum option, the employee signs a settlement agreement settling the case and in return, they receive a single-time lump payment from the insurer or employer.


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I love this law firm. Mr. Viacava and his team are professional, responsive, and have the drive to help you in every way they can. Lee works over time and on weekends making sure you get the best possible outcome. His dedication and love for what he does makes him successful, helping people in their worst times. He helped keep me calm and assured that everything is going to work out, and I called a lot! If I had to use anyone again, ( hopefully not!) I’d hire him again, immediately! Shout out to Tiphanie, she is a sweet heart; I appreciate her work ethic and compassion! THANK YOU

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Amazing representation. Lee was extremely professional and treats you like family. He had my case dropped even before my first court date. He told me at our initial consultation that he would work not stop to have my charges dropped and obviously from the outcome he’s a man of his word. I highly recommend this firm to anyone with any criminal case against them. They honestly treat you like you’re their only client when in fact they are a busy firm.

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Attorney Lee Viacava is a top class attorney. He recently represented me in a Workers Comp case and I cannot adequately relay the high quality of his representation. Lee does not back down under any situation. He kept me informed every step of the way and made certain that all of my medical needs were addressed. I give Lee 5 stars and would rate higher if possible.

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Lee was able to pull off a miracle for my son who was arrested in Fort Myers. He was facing 5-15 years but was able to get no jail time and probation. Always took the time to talk, never rushed me always kept me in the loop returned all calls. Lee is very skilled at what he does. The girls in the office were amazing as well. Lee saved my sons life!!! I cannot express to anyone how amazing Lee is, he is a real life miracle worker!

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